[KissxSis] Keita is An Asshole

It’s no surprising that harem male leads tend to be as thick as a brick wall. They’re so oblivious of the feelings of the girls around them that sometimes you wish you could bash their heads against something. Nevertheless, their being dense is necessary to keep stories going and, obviously, make more money, despite all the irritation that may cause when everything keeps dragging on without bearing any fruit.  Continue reading


Manga: Print vs Digital – The Same Old Debate

Print manga or digital manga? It’s the same old debate that’s been going on for quite a long time now, and it seems to this day the former has still got more support as a legal reading medium. I, too, personally prefer print books over digital ones. Still, that is not to say one is better than the other.

Let us examine the pros and cons of each type.

B3 Continue reading

First Words on New Blog

Moving is always such a pain, be it in real life or online.

I’m not really new to (anime) blogging, but starting a blog from scratch all over again is darn tiring.

Why did I delete my old blog? Various reasons:

  • I was annoyed at the appearance
  • I was annoyed at many some of the posts (ironic since I wrote them myself)
  • I was annoyed at the name of the blog
  • I was annoyed at blah blah blah

Yeah, so to sum up, I wasn’t very satisfied with the old blog, so it had to go. And besides, I wanted to start fresh.

Anyway, enough with all the whining. What will this new blog be all about? Pretty much the same old stuff: random anime crap that interests me.

That’s it. Thanks for putting up with this lame introduction.

Have a hot kiss pic as my apology.


Under Construction

This new anime blog is currently under construction.

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