Moving is always such a pain, be it in real life or online.

I’m not really new to (anime) blogging, but starting a blog from scratch all over again is darn tiring.

Why did I delete my old blog? Various reasons:

  • I was annoyed at the appearance
  • I was annoyed at many some of the posts (ironic since I wrote them myself)
  • I was annoyed at the name of the blog
  • I was annoyed at blah blah blah

Yeah, so to sum up, I wasn’t very satisfied with the old blog, so it had to go. And besides, I wanted to start fresh.

Anyway, enough with all the whining. What will this new blog be all about? Pretty much the same old stuff: random anime crap that interests me.

That’s it. Thanks for putting up with this lame introduction.

Have a hot kiss pic as my apology.



About Kuro Ansokubi

Anime and manga fan. Collects manga volumes. Occasionally writes music. Loves the romance-comedy combo.

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