It’s no surprising that harem male leads tend to be as thick as a brick wall. They’re so oblivious of the feelings of the girls around them that sometimes you wish you could bash their heads against something. Nevertheless, their being dense is necessary to keep stories going and, obviously, make more money, despite all the irritation that may cause when everything keeps dragging on without bearing any fruit. 

I understand that logic, and most of the time, those harem male leads are “harmless,” in the way that they’re only ignorant, and not asses towards the girls.

That’s right, even though they’re dumb, they don’t do this:


I don’t care if it’s subconscious or what, I can’t see this as anything other than douchebaggery of the highest level.

“What the fuck is this kid saying?” was my first thought when I saw this scene. If you’ve been following KissxSis manga, you should be already be aware that he’s going out with his teacher, Yuuzuki Kiryuu.

When Keita and Yuuzuki officially became a couple, I thought that the manga had reached its climax and it was arguably a good place to put an end to the story, setting aside all the lascivious advances from the other girls, mostly his older sisters Ako and Riko.

That happy ending was never meant to be and the manga continued at an agonizing pace with its monthly schedule. As each chapter went, I was gradually harboring suspicion about a late twist in the tail, but I still hoped the couple would overcome all the things that were threatening to tear them apart.

What really ticked me off was that even though he’d already got a girlfriend, Keita continued to do lewd things with the other girls. You don’t do this when you’re going out with someone. It’s unfaithful and unacceptable.

Then there came that bomb. After turning down a sexual invitation from his girlfriend, Keita was dragged into the bath with his stepmother (let’s not go there, manga logic) to get a scolding, during which she described Keita’s behavior as “a virgin’s glorification.” In that heartfelt conversation, Keita “innocently” revealed that he was frustrated he couldn’t get married to his sisters, and was actively looking for a substitute.

That is just fucked-up. It’s basically saying that the current girlfriend is nothing but a replacement to satisfy his own ego and libido, and that their relationship so far has been nothing but an illusion. To make it short, it means he’s been USING Yuuzuki, which is morally despicable.

I don’t know whether the author has a few screws loose or he’s simply having a raging desire to troll fans, but he’s really being a dick to his own character here. It feels like the story is being forced to go in another direction. There were strong hints in chapter 105, in which the mother asked Keita which one of his sisters he had wanted to marry, that he would eventually break up with Yuuzuki after realizing his selfishness, then go after his sisters.


You don’t get into a romantic relationship with someone when all you see in that person is someone else. That is just wrong on so many levels. Toying with another person’s feelings is disgraceful and despicable. Period.

I feel so bad for Yuuzuki for having a partner that low. Hopefully the author will stop before the damage’s done, but with the way the story’s going, I have little faith.

Stay strong, Yuuzuki.



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